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New edition!



Ben's best-selling novel, a wildlife story for readers of all ages. Has been translated into Danish, Dutch, German, Italian and Japanese. Winner, "Best Canadian Rockies Book," Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival 2001. Very popular with kids and used in schools. Now in a new Canadian edition 2013.


357 pages, paperback

Published by Corax Press

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 978-0-9692631-3-5, Cdn $19.95





The first printing of this book was sold out in a year. It was reprinted in 2009, with a number of worthwhile updates and corrections.


Ben has been asked many times to write a book like this, and here it is: a guide to the geology you see along all the major highways of the Canadian Rockies, from the Waterton area to the far northern end of the Rockies.


The Trans-Canada Highway, Icefields Parkway, Crowsnest and Yellowhead routes, the Rockies portion of the Alaska Highway and more are all covered in loving detail, with minimal geo-jargon.


Over 500 illustrations, including many annotated photos with the various rock units, folds and faults marked. GPS waypoints, too!


Endorsed by professionals and suitable for field courses.


576 pages, soft-cover, B&W, index

Published by Corax Press

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 978-0-9692631-2-8, Cdn $28.50


Download the waypoints used in Canadian Rockies Geology Road Tours,

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Ben has been guiding hikers and backpackers for many years, and this book is a distillation of all that trail wisdom. Sections on the basics, on clothing and equipment, safety, hiking with kids, minimal impact and more.


367 pages, soft-cover, full color, index

Originally published by Whitecap Books

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 978-1-55285-917-9, Cdn $29.95





Reprinted in 2009, with many updated species names, new geological data and fresh recreational info.


The definitive guide to the Canadian Rockies, winner of national and international awards. Everything from bears to butterflies, rocks to ravens. Sections on hiking and biking, backpacking, mountaineering, back-country skiing, boating, human history and safety considerations. For table of contents, sample pages and the very latest updates, click here.


831 pages, field-ready soft-cover, full color, over 1000 illustrations, atlas, comprehensive index

Published by Corax Press

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 0-9692631-1-2, Cdn $44.95





This 8-1/2" x 11-inch highly pictorial publication serves two purposes. It provides an historical account of how the Geological Survey of Canada mapped the geology of the Canadian Rockies between Canmore and Jasper -- most of that large area was mapped in only two summers, a remarkable achievement -- and it acts as the catalogue for an exhibit on the same subject that Ben prepared for the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre.


72 pages, soft-cover, full color, many historical photos, English and French in same edition. Contributions by Ray Price, Roger Macqueen and Rick Green.

Published by Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 978-0-9810275-2-4, Cdn $19.00





Everything you ever wanted to know about Ben's favorite mountain. He wrote the first and last chapters. Winner, "Best Canadian Rockies Book," Banff National Film and Book Festival 2003.


184 pages, soft-cover, B&W with color section, many illustrations, index

Published by Rocky Mountain Books

ISBN 0-921102-97-6, Cdn $24.95





History of the coal-mining town of Bankhead, founded near Banff in 1905 but now long gone. Carefully researched, with many historical photos.


74 pages, soft-cover, B&W

Published by Parks Canada and the Coal Association of Canada

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 0-9690845-5-2, Cdn $9.95



How to get Ben's books


If the title you want is not available in a bookshop in Canada or the United States, you can order directly from Ben. The cost is the same as the bookshop price, plus shipping, and Ben would be happy to inscribe your copy.


To order, call 403-609-4449 or e-mail Ben.


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