Colin the Raven


Words and music copyright 2000, 2014 by Ben Gadd. First performed at Jasper Elementary School, Dec 20th 2000, after he had finished reading a draft of his novel Raven’s End to the grade-five students.


Hear Ben sing this song


(His voice and guitar-playing are terrible, but perhaps you could learn the tune and do a better job on it.)



Start with the chorus


  A             G                  D                 A

Colin has feathers, and all of them black

   A                G              D              A

Wings to fly far and to carry him back

  A             G             D             A

Colin has eyes of a beautiful brown

              Bm                                       E

And he looks down to you on the ground

              Bm                                     E

And he calls out to you with this sound  (Croak! Croak!)


 G     D    A

Fly with me!

 G     D    A

Fly with me!

 G             A            D     G    D        

Fly in the sky with me—e—e



Now these two verses, with no chorus between them



  D            G                   A                     D

Colin, oh Colin, where did you come from

   D                    G                A                     D

Who was your father, and who was your mum

           D               G                A              D

You couldn’t remember the tumbling game

       G                               A

Or even your very own name

       G              A              D

Or even your very own name



         D               G              A                  D

But Colin grew wiser and Colin grew strong

         D            G                 A             D

He flew very high and he flew very long

          D                G                   A                     D

He found all the answers he’d been searching for

        G                                      A

And he found out very much more

G                     A               D

He found out very much more



Now the chorus, and repeat the second part of it (“Fly with me!”),

ending with a loud “Rawk-a-taw!”