Handbook of the Canadian Rockies
Handbook of the Canadian Rockies
is the comprehensive naturalist's guide to the entire Canadian Rockies area, from Waterton-Glacier to the Yukon. Replacing a stack of single-topic guides, the Handbook is small enough to slip into a pack pocket. Plants, mammals, birds, fish, insects, geology, weather, history, hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, boating -- it's all here, with over a thousand color illustrations. A best-seller many times over.

Preview the contents, read about author Ben Gadd and artist Matthew Wheeler, check the reviews, see what's new (including updates and corrections), and find out where to purchase the Handbook.

Handbook of the Canadian Rockies
ISBN 0-9692631-1-2
832 pages
1242 color photos, drawing, maps, and diagrams
$49.95 (Canada) $49.95 (U.S.)

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