Raven’s End

Ben’s best-selling novel, a wildlife story for readers of all ages. Has been translated into Italian, Danish, Dutch, German and Japanese. Winner, “Best Canadian Rockies Book,” Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival 2001. Very popular with kids and used in schools.

357 pages, paperback

Published by Corax Press, 2013. Earlier editions by McClelland & Stewart (2001), Sierra Club Books (U.S. 2001) , Sperling & Kupfer (Italy 2001), Forum (Denmark 2001), Atlas (Netherlands 2002), Kindler Verlag (Germany 2002), Soei (Japan 2006)

Distributed by Alpine Book Peddlers

ISBN 978-0-9692631-3-5, Cdn $19.95

Ben’s song Colin the Raven

the Yam

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ben’s favorite mountain. He wrote the first and last chapters. Winner, “Best Canadian Rockies Book,” […]